Rev Rajan Edward

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Reprv.Rajan Edward, The Founder and President of Host of Christ Ministries was born on the 11th of April 1953 to Pr.Edward Asirvatham and Mrs. Suguna Asirvatham as their first son. Being brought up in a Lutheran faith, they were pious and sincere in serving the Lord.

Pr. Rajan Edward started his Career in the Photo Industry.  Later at the age of 21 God met Him, anointed Him and separated him to do his work. Pr.Rajan Edward took the hands of Mrs.Sheela Rajan on the 11th May of  1981. Pastor was blessed with a spiritual and prayerful women as his Life Partner. They were blessed with a son Pr. Luke Isaac  who is also an Associate Pastor of Host of Christ Ministries.

God called Pr.Rajan Edward and showed Him Tirunelveli the destination ground. They came here as a family in 1990 and started Host of Christ Ministries.By the divine grace of God, Our Pastor and the Ministries has been blessed to serve not only inland but also overseas