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Eric Liddell (1902-1945)

Eric Liddell is probably best known own for the 1980’s film “Chariots of fire”. The film mainly focused on his life as a Olympic runner, yet the story of Eric Liddell as a missionary is important.

 Liddell was born to a missionary parent in North China. His parents were Scottish missionaries. Though he was born in China, he spent his school years in Scotland.

After school and his —– as an Olympic athlete, he returned to China as a missionary in 1925. He worked as a school teacher as well as a minister in the Lord’s ministry. By 1941 British nationals were encouraged to leave China by the British government because of the coming Japanese invasion. Liddell’s wife and children returned to Canada which is where she was from. Eric remained to work in a hospital with his brother. In 1943 he was put in a prison camp by the Japanese and continued to teach children and preach the Bible.

Mr. Liddell died of a brain tumor in the …………………… camp on February 21, 1945. He died of an inoperable brain tumor. Recently a lady, who was a young girl at the time of the camp with Eric Liddell, said that she knew nothing of his fame as an athlete. The children know only about his kind heart and his love for God.

So friends, as Eric Liddell thought his profession was different; he dedicated his life to the Lord, to secure and to spread the good news. Similarly whatever you may do, determine to spread the love of Christ to as many as people you know.